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Its been a long time since i post a new article or deck strategy on this blog, so here i am trying to share my thought and combo about GAOV's new archetype :

-=H I E R A T I C S=-

People at my local still talking about hieratic's debut without gustaph released yet. mostly they said that hieratics shouldnt be played unless we got gustaph or M7. is it true?

then lets see what the ancient dragons can really do. Hieratics at first glance is a OTK/combo-based  archetype looking at how it fast to fill our field with a bunch of monsters, but mostly is at 0/0 stats. With invented XYZ mechanics, we can turn those useless monsters into a useful ones and also pull a OTK using only 3 cards when we have Gustaph. Normally we need 4 cards to create an OTK in the current format. So without gustaph, how do we pull it off by using only 3 cards?

We need at least 1 monster with <1200 atk in opponent's field. Check the picture below :

Basically, we need only 3 cards. Su, Tefnuit, and Cannon Soldier (you can also replace the other hieratics with cards like monster reborn or call of the haunted. the main focus is having 2 level 6 dragon monster and canon soldier on the field)

1. Special Summon 1 hieratic (either tefnuit, or using monster reborn or anything) to the field

2. Special Summon Su from your hand by tributing 1 hieratic monster, then Special Summon level 6 normal dragon from anywhere (i recommend Wattaildragon) via effect of tributed hieratic

3. Normal summon Cannon soldier and activate his effect by tributing Su to deal 500 damage, then Special Summon another level 6 normal dragon from anywhere via effect of tributed Su

3A. Overlay 2 normal dragons into Atum

4. by detaching Wattaildragon from Atum, Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from deck. Then use Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon effect to bring any hieratic (for example, Su) from grave

4A. XYZ summon Gaia Dragon using Atum.

5. Attack all the way! 1400 (cannon soldier)  + 2600 (Gaia Dragon) + 2200 (Su) = 6200

Last - So, you deal 500 damage in the process and then 6200 damage in battle. in Main phase 2, just tribute all of your monster for Cannon Soldier effect for a game for 2500 additional damage! (keep in mind that when you tributing Su, it will bring another normal monster to the field, so including Cannon Soldier itself, its 5 monster x 500 damage=2500 damage)

i know its still dealing less damage than Gustaph combo (Gustaph combo deals 10200 damage without a requirement for your opponent to having a monster on the field) but while waiting for Gustaph to be released, why dont we have fun with another combo? :)

If your OTK failed because anything (let just say your oponent having a gorz or trago), after attacking, tribute Su for Cannon Soldier effectand Special Summon Alexandrite Dragon from your deck. Then you can overlay Alexandrite and Cannon Soldier into Queen Dragun Djinn !

(before XYZ summon Queen Dragon Djinn, you can tribute a 0/0 red-eyes darkness metal dragon for Cannon Soldier's effect so it can be brought to the field with full stat via Djinn!)

if you play a slower/control build of hieratics, cannon soldier also provide a few cool combo like :

1. Special Summon Tefnuit, normal summon Cannon Soldier and activate its effect by tributing Tefnuit and Special Summon Alexandrite Dragon form deck. Overlay to Queen Dragon Djinn and bring back Tefnuit from grave. Is a 2-for-2 combo and little burn to your opp's life

2. with more dark monsters, you can tech in BLS, chaos sorcerer, DAD, or add allure for draw power

3. hieratic are quite fast at summoning multiple monster to the field, if it doesnt kill your opponent, just let cannon soldier do the rest!

4. its a level 4 and its a good synch with Alexandrite Dragon

So? Assemble all hieratic cards in your trunk and try to create various combos!
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  1. Boleh tuh komon-komon kartunya.. Sayang atum nya masih mahal T_T


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