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Hi im back in my latest article, today i want to see Chaos Dragon in a new light, in a new "perspective". people nowadays oftenly run chaos dragon with a pack of tour guide, BLS, and solar recharge. its a common cards runs in chaos dragon deck. but then i see my self interested in this deck but unfortunately im kinda short of money. than came an idea to replace those "relatively" expensive cards with the cheaper ones.

So lets do the Head count, below are the well-known expensive cards in chaos dragons :

Solar recharge, BLS, Tour guide

Now for the replacement that im using.
First i want to use little "trollish" monster in this kind of a deck, yeah my old time favourite GALLIS!

dont you realize? chaos dragon runs many monster with high level, starting with 3 redmd and 2 tragoedia (that a level 10 monster) that can inflict 2000 damage in an instant! Chaos dragons packed with a total about 16 monster with high level, so gallis can help us to burn some damage an also material for rank 3 XYZ

Second is a birdman

Birdman is always my signature cards for the past years, i always running in at 2 in my every deck including Hero and Hieratic. Well birdman serve as recycler in this deck, reuse lyla effect, bouncing Red-eys darkness metal dragon (from now we simplify it into "REDMD") and summon it again for extra special summon, or combine it with chaos sorcerer to call out Locomotion R-Genex  for free and eternal Brain Control! or for another fun, bounce gallis and re-special gallis for extra burn. 
I found myself inflict 4000 damage in first turn for this combo (milling both redmd for gallis effect)

The third is Light and Darkness Dragon (LADD)

why i tempted to run this card? well chaos dragon doesnt has any problem providing tribute fodder, so LADD can be teched easily and it can be searched via eclipse wyvern, and also its BURN fodder for gallis!

when i decided to maining 2-3 LADD, it will be more exciting if i included Divine Dragon Apocralyph for a "disaster-dragon mini-loop" so beside our signature "REDMD+pulsar" we can has another semi-lock with "REDMD +apocralyph". just reborn redmd when LADD get destroyed, and use  REDMD's effect to revive apocralyph, and use it to get back our LADD to hand, looks familiar with the old times?

In the end, when i run gallis, the deck itself cannot contain too many spell or traps. Myself testing this deck with only 3 spells. Yes, ONLY 3 (reborn, hole, and heavy) there's also an option to add 1 future fusion and 1 charge of the light brigade for a total 5 spells.

competitive levels? there's always a downside when we took the expensive parts of the deck and replace it with the cheaper ones. but i found the deck running smoothly even without tour guide or solars, LADD can slow down almost every deck, and the burn i inflicted with Gallis is help me finish the game or accomplish OTK, (remember that gallis is also level 3 so it can overlay itself with birdman or trooper for rank 3 XYZ)

So, here i am, Archopper signing out.
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