The Kingdom, Our Homes, Our Lives

Once, there was a great kingdom. This kingdom was well-known throughout the realm and flourished in glory. Yet, not knowing what evil started it, the kingdom turned into chaos and became full of disarray. Many people did not abide by the la...w and showed a degradation of honor. The leader of this kingdom, The King, who was believed to be incapable of handling this phenomena suddenly disappeared. Without a proper leader, the crisis worsened and the kingdom became a place unfit of living in.

 The King dissappeared and seems to betray us

People separated throughout the vast kingdom who still had hope of facing this crisis decided to unite and form "The Brotherhood". They dream of seeing the old kingdom again. A kingdom where the people still had glory in their heart. A kingdom whose king was loyal to its people. Thoroughly disappointed with the state the kingdom was in, "The Brotherhood" decided to leave the past kingdom and began a journey to find a new place to live, since true warriors will never rebel, and so the victims of the crisis who shared the same ideals with "The Brotherhood" .After finding a new place to live, "The Brotherhood" decided to restore the once magnificent old kingdom there.In order to put the past behind, they decided not to call their leader "The King" anymore and addressed their leader as "The Emperor" instead.

 The founders of "The Brotherhood"

Throughout a series of hardship, "The Brotherhood" became more than just people with the same ideals, they became one big family. They then named their family, the new kingdom, as "Emperians". "The Brotherhood", being the founder of "Emperians", swore loyalty to "The Emperor" and made an oath to forever protect the name of "Emperians" and the people living in it and to keep struggling to reclaim what was most important to them, their long lost glory.


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