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What is up homeboys! Duke's here for y'all! To begin with, aku mau minta maaf dulu nih for being inactive in this blog for a really long time. Dikarenakan kesibukan kuliah dan hal-hal lainnya, jadi belum bisa publish artikel lagi nih guys. But now, I'll pay my debt to you all! (mumpung liburan :p).  First article will be a feature match dari YCS Solo yang telah diadakan akhir tahun lalu di Solo (youdontsay.jpg), between one of our member, Gary, and his old friend, Martyr dari Surabaya. Let's take a look on the Top 4 match, between long-lost friends!

one of the major event last year

Game 1:

Martyr won the die roll. Dia memulai dengan mengaktifkan Cards of Consonance, pitch Flamvell Guard to draw 2 cards. Dia mengaktifkan Dragon Ravine, discard Maxx "C" untuk send Redox ke graveyard. Tidal effect, banish Guard dan Redox, SS Tidal. Redox effect triggered, search Mythic Tree Dragon. Lalu dia normal summon (later will be addressed with NS) Mythic Tree, lalu dia special summon (later will be addressed with SS) mythic water dari hand, aktifkan effect Mythic Tree untuk mengcopy level Mythic Water, Gary chained Maxx "C", Martyr kemudian XYZ summon kedua Mythic Dragon menjadi Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand ( Gary draw a card from Maxx "C" ), dan dia mengakhiri giliran. Strong opening from Martyr!

Gary mengaktifkan Pot of Duality, reveal TG-EM1, Torrential Tribute dan T.G. Rush Rhino. Dia memutuskan untuk add Rhino ke hand, NS Rhino dan set 3 S/T, pass turn. ( Tidal eff return to Martyr's hand). Martyr mengaktifkan effect Ravine, pitch Tempest to dump Redox to graveyard. Lalu ia mengaktifkan effect Redox, banish Tidal dan Maxx "C", Gary chained another Maxx "C"! Redox is special summoned (Gary draw a card), Tempest effect search for Debris. Enter Battle Phase, Felgrand declared attack on Rhino. ( GR 8000 - DMG 1200 = GR 6800 ), MP 2, Martyr set 1 S/T, pass. ( field: 1 Felgrand, 1 Ravine, 1 set S/T )

(LP: Gary 6800 - Martyr 8000)

Gary mengaktifkan POD kedua, revealing TG-EM1, D-Prison dan T.G. Warwolf, decided to add TG-EM1, lalu ia NS T.G. Striker, set 2 S/T, pass turn. ( field: 1 striker, 5 set S/T). Martyr mengaktifkan effect Ravine, pitch Tidal as a cost, Gary chained MST! Ia melanjutkan giliran dengan mengaktifkan effect Redox, SS Redox by banishing Maxx "C" dan Tidal as a cost, Gary responses with Bottomless Trap Hole. Tidal effect triggered, search for another copy of Tidal, pass turn. Gary hanya menambahkan 1 set S/T dan pass turn. Martyr melakukan hal yang sama dan langsung pass turn. Gary mengulangi actionnya di turn ini dengan menambahkan 1 set S/T, dan saat ia declare end phase, Martyr mengaktifkan Sixth Sense! Declare 4 dan 5, tetapi yang didapat hanya angka 1 ( mill 1 card ). Martyr hanya pass turn tanpa action apapun. Gary NS Warwolf, dan ia chain Torrential Tribute nya sendiri! Martyr chained Felgrand's effect to target himself, Gary chained TG-EM1 untuk menukar Warwolf dan Felgrand. Martyr pun akhirnya memberikan respond yaitu.. his own Torrential Tribute!! As a result, all monster are now destroyed! During the end phase, Gary searches for 2 T.G. monsters ( field: 4 set S/T). Martyr NS Debris, effect to target Mythic Tree, SS it. XYZ summon into Dire Wolf, Gary responsed with Book of Moon. Redox effect banish Corseca and Mythic Water, SS it. Tempest effect to search, pitch himself and another Corseca, search Blaster. Blaster effect banish Corseca and Tidal, SS it. Effect Tidal triggered, search the 3rd copy of Tidal. Battle Phase, Redox attack, Gary activates D-Prisons. Blaster attack directly! ( GR 6800 - DMG 2800 = GR 4000 ), pass.

(LP: Gary 4000 - Martyr 8000)

Gary NS Rhino, set 1 S/T pass. (field: Rhino and 3 set S/T). Martyr mengaktifkan Tidal eff, banish Tempestand Debris to SS himself. Tempest eff add 2nd copy of Debris, enter BP Tidal declare attack to Rhino (GR 4000 - DMG 1000 = GR 3000). MP2, Blaster effect banish Mythic Tree and Debris, SS himself. Lalu, Martyr meng-overlay kedua naga di field into Draccossack! Dracossack effect SS 2 MPB token, dan effect kedua Dracossack berhasil men-destroy salah satu dari S/T Gary, yaitu Mirror Force! During EP, Gary searched T.G. monster. Gary's turn, ia NS Warwolf, attack token, set 1 S/T, pass. During Martyr's Draw Phase, Gary activates TG-EM1! Switch control of Dracossack and Warwolf. Martyr activates Sacred Sword, banishes Blaster untuk draw 2, eff Blaster searches Blaster. Warwolf switch to defense position, set 2 S/T, pass. Gary menggunakan effect Dracossack, SS 2 token dan mendestroy one of Martyr's S/T (tribute the Dracossack instead of the token) which is... Return from the Different Dimension, and Martyr chained it! Martyr paid the cost (MR 8000 / 2 = MR 4000), to SS all of the Dragon Rulers with different colors!

(LP: Gary 4000 - Martyr 4000)

Gary proceeded to NS striker, synchro dengan 2 MPB token into Crimson Blader! Blader attacked Warwolf. During the EP, all of the Dragon Rulers' effect activated, return themselves to Martyr' hand while Gary searches another T.G. monster. Martyr activates Blaster's eff to destroy Crimson Blader. set Trigon. Gary NS Rhino and attack Trigon. Martyr activates Trap Stun! Then he swarm the field with Dragon Rulers and swing for game!!

(Match: Gary 0 - Martyr 1)

Martyr and his overwhelming Dragons

Game 2:

Gary NS Thunder King, set 3 S/T, pass. Martyr mengaktifkan Sacred Sword, banish Redox, draw 2(didn't get to activate Redox's effect because of T-King). Martyr activate Ravine, activate effect, pitch Redox, Gary chained MST! Ia set 2 S/T and pass. Gary NS Fencing Fire Ferret! Kedua monster declare attack directly. ( MR 8000 - DMG 1700 = MR 6300 - DMG 1900 = MR 4400 ), pass. Martyr activates Trap Stun! Blaster eff to SS himself by banishing Redox and Tempest ( T-King is still on the field so no searching), Blaster attack T-King ( GR 8000 - DMG 900 = GR 7100 ), pass.

(LP: GR 7100 - MR 4400)

Gary NS Hazy Flame Cerberus, Ferret crashes into Blaster (GR 7100 - DMG 1100 = GR 6000). Ferret effect triggered, targeting Martyr's Blaster, Martyr chained.. Debunk! Effect Ferret pun gagal dan Ferret pun ke-banish. During the EP, Blaster returned to hand. Turn to Martyr, he draw a card in his Draw Phase and he just pass turn. Gary NS another Cerberus, Overlay both of them into Photon Strike Bounzer! Attack with Bounzer (MR 4400 - DMG 2700 = MR 1700), dan pada saat BP yang sama, Gary mengaktifkan Call of the Haunted, SS T-King and swing for game!!

(Match: Gary 1 - Martyr 1)

Gary 's T-King overcome the Dragons game 2

Game 3:

Martyr activate Tempest's eff, banish Redox and Tidal, SS himself. Redox and Tidal is triggered, searched for both of the Mythic Dragon, summoned both of them, and proceed to overlay into Felgrand! Martyr set 1 S/T and pass turn. Gary activate MST on Martyr's lone backrow which is.. Malevolent Catasthrope! Gary set 1 monster and 3 S/T, pass turn. During the EP, Martyr's Tempest goes back to his hand. On Martyr's Draw Phase, Gary activates Imperial Iron Wall! BP, Felgrand attack Warwolf, set 2 S/T and pass. Gary searches Striker in the EP. Gary SS Striker and NS Cerberus, synchro into Scrap Dragon, target one of his backrow and Martyr's, destroying Gary's D-Prison and Martyr's Royal Decree! Gary pass. Martyr also pass turn, another turn for Gary. Gary set 1 monster and targeted it for Scrap's effect and another backrow of Martyr, but it is negated by Felgrand, Gary pass.

Martyr mengaktifkan MST target IIW, ia kemudian NS Debris dan effectnya meng-SS Mythic Tree, overlay into Dire Wolf, aktifkan effect Dire Wolf, destroy dirinya sendiri dan Scrap Dragon milik Gary. BP, Felgrand attack set monster which is Warwolf. EP, Gary searches T.G. Rush Rhino. Gary set 1 monster dan 1 S/T and pass. Martyr's turn, Tidal eff banishing Debris and Tempest, SS himself. Effect Tempest, search Debris. NS Debris, effect SS Mythic Tree, synchro Tidal and Debris into Star Eater! BP, Felgrand attack, Gary responded with Mirror Force, Felgrand chained his effect, attempting to protect the Star Eater, and Gary chained Skill Drain! ( GR 8000 - cost 1000 = 7000 ), destroying both Felgrand and Star Eater! Martyr ended his turn.

(LP: GR 7000 - MR 8000)

Gary activates POD, revealing Dark Hole, Torrential Tribute and Vanity's Emptiness. Add Emptiness to his hand, NS Rhino, BP Rhino direct attack (MR 8000 - DMG 1600 = MR 6400), pass. Martyr set 1 monster and 1 S/T, pass. Gary NS 2nd Rhino, BP Rhino attacks into.. Malevolent Catasthrope! it destroys Gary's Skill Drain, Emptniness and a set card(which is Horn of the Phantom Beast), Rhino successfully destroys Martyr's set monster. 2nd Rhino direct attack (MR 6400 - DMG 2000 = MR 4400), Gary pass turn. Martyr activates Sacred Sword banish Tempest, draw 2 card and searches Corseca via Tempest. Activate Ravie, pitch Tidal to dump Blaster. Blaster effect, banishing Corseca and Mythic Tree, SS himself. Tidal effect, banishing Debris and Star Eater, SS himself. BP, Tidal attacked Rhino (GR 7000 - DMG 1000 = GR 6000), and Blaster attack another Rhino (GR 6000 - DMG 1200 = GR 4800).

(LP: GR 4800 - MR 4400)

MP 2, XYZ summon Rank 7 into Dracossack, then SS 2 MPB Tokens, pass turn. During EP, Gary searches 1 Striker and 1 Warwolf. Gary SS Striker, Warwolf effect triggered, SS himself, synchro into T.G. Wonder Magician, BP attack one of the MPB token and pass turn. Martyr mengaktifkan effect Dracossack, SS 2 more MPB tokens. NS Corseca, synchro into level 7 (with 2 MPB tokens), into Black Rose Dragon. Martyr didn't activate the trigger effect. Eff Tidal SS himself by banishing Corseca and Blaster. Blaster effect searches another Blaster and attack for game!

Martyr's Malevolent Catasthrope wins him the match!

So, that is all guys! Thanks for reading this feature match. Props to Solo Duelist Community for the amazing event! Congratulations for Afrizal and the other guys for topping! Stay tune di blog Emperians ya karena banyak hal yang akan di-publish kedepannya. Duke's out!

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