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Hello, after nearly a years after my last post, ill try to back to the game start with researching what deck should i use in this meta and i found some interesting idea to be shared with you all, check it out!


After the release of shadow spectre all former monarch player were excited of the new monarch support. yes, Molding the monarch was the great addition to monarch deck as he act as black whirlwind. the problem is we can no longer use frog engine as treeborn frog require empty spell/trap zone. so i try to give another alternate engine to grind the gears..

Phantom Monarch!!

Mecha phantom beast (MPB) was my first choice to work with. the power to easily generate token can be a great fodder engine to our monarch, even we can easily bing out Egyptian god card as obelisk more frequently than frog engine. so lets go with the phantom core engine first.

3 ham-strato
3 theter-wolf
2-3 mega-raptor

those 3 are the basic monster core for every deck that use MPB engines. ham-strato is self-explanatory, free 2 tokens if flipped face-up, theter-wolf is instant +1, and mega-raptor is our searcher and instant +1 when token is special summoned to our field. you can also use harri-ard/colt-wing combo to make a big plus (more to this later) and for the spell/trap :

3 aerial recharge
1-3 fiend's sanctuary
2-3 molding the monarch

Aerial recharge role is to constantly provide a token every turn making its great combo with mega-raptor, but keep in mind that aerial recharge need to be maintained every end turn (including your opp's turn) by tributing 1 MPB monster or token. fiend's sanctuary act as instant token for immediate tribute fodder, trigger mega raptor, or to set-up harri-ard/colt-wing combo. molding the monarch is, well, our new star of this deck and pretty self-explanatory
the playstyle of this deck is pretty simple, there are few moves you can do in first turn like

1. set ham-strato, and leave it as it is.
2. summon mega-raptor, activate fiend's sanctuary (this will provide 2 token from both fiend's and mega-raptor) tribute fiend's effect for a search
3. summon theter-wolf, and leave it as it is, as theter-wolf can pump itself to 2500 atk or just let it be (all MPB monster mentioned in this article cant be destroyed by any means as long as you control ANY token)

then you can just spam monarch using token as tribute fodder and molding the monarch as a searcher.

as for a tech card, i recommend keep cards like compulsory, enemy controller, and creature swap (and also obelisk too...) but be warned, unlike frog engine, MPB needs few spell and traps card to work so be very careful for a deck size.
and like i mentioned before, you can add more MPB monster like harri-ard and colt-wing. those 2 cards combo very well if you have exactly one token and at least 1 card on your opp's field on the field and thi is how you do it :

1. summon harri-ard and use its effect to speacial summon another MPB from your hand
2. special summon colt-wing from your hand, colt-wing effect let you special summon 2 tokens
3. use colt-wing effect to destroy 1 of your opp's card. this will trigger harri-ard effect to special summon another token
4. as those 2 monster now is level 7, you can xyz into dracossack to blow more cards or big-eye depending on the situation

lastly, for the extra deck i recommend lightning chidori for rank 4, big-eye and dracossack for rank 7, and gustaph max for rank 10

here is a sample of the deck

well, this conclude my article about phantom monarch and ill appreciate all the critics and comment. stay tune!

archopper, signing out
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  1. om coba pake fire of doomsday yang ss 2 token, bisa buat tribute caius juga

  2. menurut gw creature swap dikick aja secara sekarang satu monster di field itu jarang banget dan kurang game breaking kalo lagi kepepet...

    1. bener juga sih, saya juga lagi ngetest biar deck nya minim bad draw, mungkin zaborg sama creature swap bakal saya kick tapi blm tau gantinya... thx for the advice

    2. Soul Exchange???
      Uda minus dua bwt lawan tuh....

    3. Terus bwt Zaborg ganti Mobius aja, MST-na Monarch....
      Dan jangan lupa satu lagi support monarch yg IMBA, March of the Monarch.... :D
      Dan evolusina Granmarg, "Great Rock Monarch Granmarg" juga kykna bisa masuk deh, ATK-na jago....

  3. obelix nya ganti dunk, pose nya maho.....

  4. biar lebih gahar sih makanya pake yang biru


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