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Grand Tournament Semarang 2013 Prologue
It’s been some years since the kingdom of EMPERIANS had been formed. Hardships can’t be avoided yet the emperor and the brotherhood still try their best.

Looking back at the kingdom previous glory, it was because the knights, heroes, fighters, and every powerful men of the kingdom always hone their skills everyday to earn the title CHAMPION who will earn the honour to be the vanguard of the kingdom. 

The title CHAMPION is given to the one winning the Grand Tournament which was held to determine who is the strongest. At that time, a cross-sword warrior named Abireza won this title after vanguishing Tirta, a solid stone fighter at the finals.

Short after EMPERIANS had been formed, though the kingdom was in its early state of crisis, a small tournament was still held by the end of the year, the coolest time on earth to ensure who the CHAMPION is. A knight with the power of angels from the solar system, Bearly beat Freddy, a wayfarer who gained the power from the realm of light at the finals to earn his title of CHAMPIONS.

After Bearly’s glorious victory, the Grand Tournament had not been held for quite a long time. It happened that our emperor had embarked to his new life. But now the brotherhood have to stand up. Monsters swarming the kingdom have evolved to many new forms, the dragons of the earth wreak havoc and bring disasters. 

Furthermore, the men of the kingdom have gained many kind of new powers. Many new heroes have been born. A new CHAMPION must be chosen to lead the kingdom to its prosperity, to face the rapid changing world the kingdom is living on. Thus, the GRAND TOURNAMENT will once again be held to select the CHAMPION !!





Grand Tournament Semarang 2013 sukses diselenggarakan pada 21 Juli yang lalu, 66 Duelist kuat dari daerah Semarang dan sekitarnya hadir dengan gagah.

Berikut list Top 16 :
  1. Franick Kudus - Evilswarm
  2. Fis Semarang - Sixsam
  3. Dhary Semarang - Agent
  4. Widi Semarang -DW
  5. Denny Susanto Solo - El Drag 
  6. Rizky Kendal - Sixsam
  7. Fuad Semarang - Dino rabbit
  8. Bunburn Jogja - Chain Burn
  9. Bearly Semarang - Inzektor
  10. Buana Solo - DW
  11. Hery Prasetya Solo - Propechy
  12. Nanda Solo - Chain Beat
  13. Willy Semarang - Machina Gadget 
  14. Fahmi Semarang - Hero 
  15. Afrizal Semarang - Madolche
  16. Adi Kendal - Rescue Rabbit Antimeta
Wow, variatif sekali decknya.

Top 8 (urutan tidak berdasar peringkat) :
  1. Evilswarm
  2. Dragon Ruler
  3. Chain burn
  4. Dark World
  5. Agent
  6. Prophecy
  7. Machina gadget
  8. Madolche
Last Result
Winner Denny Solo - Dragon Ruler
Runner Up Afrizal Semarang - Madolche
Top 4 Buana Solo - Dark World
Top 4 dhary agent

Selamat Buat Denny yang berhasil menyandang title GT Semarang 2013 Champion!
Oh iya buat kamu yang mau tahu info tentang GT Semarang 2013, kamu bisa cek hastag #GTSemarang2013 di facebook.
Thanks to : All Emperians Member

Salam Super Rare
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