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What is up guys! This is Duke Crescent back again, dengan Emperians Duelist Profile yang pertama, featuring one of our own blog admin, one of the top players from Semarang city, and our lovely member of Emperians Family, Bearly Ananta!

Looks proud in our new Emperians Uniform

Name: Bearly Ananta F
Date of Birth: May 5, 1993
Age: 19
Education: Currently going to Diponegoro University, Majoring in Computer System

Here's a short interview with him:

Who are you?

"Just a common duelist in semarang .__."

When did you start playing Yu-Gi-Oh?

"3 and a half years ago."

What was your first deck?

"Fortune Lady."

What was the first booster pack you ever opened?

"It was Duelist Revolution Special Edition. I pulled and Effect Veiler."

And what deck are you playing right now?

"The bugging inzektor ~ well i got that centipede and dragonfly from you hahaha."

Oh you use the one i gave you? thanks man :* anyway, back in the days you were running rampant like a boss with Lightsworns, what can you tell me about Lightsworn deck this format?

"Well it is one of my favorite archetype that barely get attention from the world right now. It surely competitive in this format with the back of the 3rd Lumina and the almighty Judgment Dragon. It's a shame that people on YCS rarely use this deck. I'm sure with the right build it can topped in this format. Actually I was thinking of building that deck again. But I can't hold it when I have to use the low rarity on that archetype. Seeing common JD is hurting my eyes .__."

Hahaha, I know you really love the deck because when I started playing I learned a lot from you and I got raped by your JDs all day lol.. and how are your progress with inzektor deck?

"Well, with my inzektor deck right now, I've tried some different formats, and surely it's hard to decide which one will run smoothly and more consistent. Even i've failed several times at local tournament, I'm sure I'm gonna make this bug fly again ~ :D"

Okay, next question, because the Nationals will be held a month from now, can you give some tips to us about the preparation for the big events?

"In the Nationals, maybe about more than a hundred duelists will attend. So, make sure your mentality is ready to see many duelist with many kinds of decks. Secondly, is to get some rest and charge your stamina. In the last Nationals, about 5 (i'm not so sure) matches will be held for qualification and the real Nats will be held afterwards. So, if you succeed to get to the real Tournament, your stamina shall decide your games. And the last, make sure you really really understand the rule of the tournament."

Bearly in Roadshow to NATS event

Yeah, there were 5 matches for the qualification last year then the real NATS starts with the top 64 having 5 more matches to get on the top 16 and headed to finals. Last questions, what are your achievement in major events?

"I got Top 8 GT joglosemar 2011. I topped Semarang annual event called Bunkasai J-Soul Matsuri Smaga, I got in the finals three times. I also got Top 8 at the Joglosemar Roadshow to Nationals 2013. I also won the weekly tournament ten times in a row."

Thank you for your time Bearly, Emperians are proud of you and good luck for your Nationals this year.

"Anytime man! Good luck for you too."

So, that's Bearly Ananta for you guys. Stay tune untuk post-post selanjutnya, Duke Crescent signing out!

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